Developing Communication Competence in Science

Communication Competence in Science

Introduction Communication, both written and oral, is an important skill that every person must possess. Science communication is qualitatively different from other modes of communication. Hence, special attention needs to be given to develop Communication Competence in Science among school and college students. They need to be convinced that the ability to write effectively leads […]

Open and Digital Learning: The Need of the Day

Introduction Human society is presently witnessing the ill effects of Corona Pandemic. It has resulted into the closure of educational institutions. School authorities, parents and students all are worried about normalising the process of school and college education. One is not sure when will the new academic year start and what norms will have to […]

Action Research by Science Teachers

Introduction Educational research is being conducted in different institutions all over the world. The traditional educational research though very beneficial has some lacunas in implementation as listed below: It is extremely difficult to apply its findings to classroom settings. Educational Research is generally carried out within the Psycho-statistical Research Paradigm. It may not be applicable […]

Bridging the Gap between Scientists and Science Educators

Scientists and Science Educators: Bridging the Gap

“Scientists and Science Educators should come together to strengthen the foundation of science education in the country.” In spite of the fact that India has the third largest manpower in science and technology science education in Indian schools suffers from lack of crucial inputs. Scientists have a major role to play in the context of […]